Rocky Mountain
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2015 Rocky Mountain MCC Sale Report

Good afternoon,

We are in the middle of 2 days of rain. These gray skies and cooler weather are just what we need to buckle down and get the final things done for the 2015 Sale.

The weekend weather for the sale was again "perfect" for travel, setting up, taking down, sitting in the "not too hot" sun, walking to the Gobin Building. Breakfast was your choice of either a full pancake and sausage breakfast or News Years Cookies and coffee. Over all when we looked around and from the feed back we received from some of those attending, we had a very nice crowd, with a wonderful mixture of people.  There seemed to be a balance of ages with everyone finding someone to visit with.  We saw and heard that new friends were made, and old friends of all ages reunited.

Though some wondered if the number attending was less, we can tell you that a lot more food was sold, so we had either really hungry people or more people. There were many changes in the food venue. To mention a few, the bierrock recipe was different, the nutrition booth had new products to draw you, Navajo Tacos, Moroccan soup, Dumplings, and Curry were added. The homemade ice cream appeared to be very popular as we frequently saw Jerry Martin rushing around to either start a new can or bring one in to be served.  There were lines everywhere.  People were lined up way outside the Gobin building, in side the 4H building, and inside the Expo Building. Foods sold out early and were in greater demand than the cooks expected. 

The Friday evening music group, Lynn Marie and Family, were warmly received. The music was so easy to listen to. It was delightful to see the family playing together and really having fun and enjoying the moment. Maynard Knepp, the Director of Donner Relations from the North Newton Resource Center spoke briefly to all of us during the intermission. It is always good to have him as he is able to tell us in an unbiased, concise and sensitive manner what is occurring globally and how we can have a positive impact through MCC.

Activities on Saturday morning started with the Fun Run. This has turned into a tradition with several individuals and families. It was quit fun to witness all of the hustle and bustle before and during the run.

The numbers of items in the General Auction and the Quilt Auction were down but the enthusiasm of the audience was not. The size of the crowd was very respectable. The opening item/Loaf of Bread, for the General Auction brought  $1200. The free will  offering/Traveling Quilt brought $9,826.85. We were told that this was an impressive number as some auctions have difficulty raising $100. We had 7 quilt which raised $1000 or more. We noticed that more people stayed until the very end of the auction.

Though the booths all operated smoothly we are aware that there are always ways that things can work a little differently. We have heard from some of the booth chairs about possible changes they desire. Geri and Jerry Cooper would like to step down from chairing the Craft booth but are still willing to operate as co-chairs. They are currently looking for a replacement. Erlene Schlegel has asked to step down from her position with the Apple Butter booth. Currently there are 2 women who are strongly considering taking over this responsibility.  This was Merle Souder's last year for the Friday night dinner. Ron Smucker will take over the responsibility for the Friday nigh dinner as well as continuing his responsibility for the Saturday morning breakfast. An addition of Tomato Bisque soup with the Pork sandwich is being considered.

All in all we witnessed a very positive Sale. The initial financial tally seems to predict that our final amount of dollars raised will be lower for 2015 than in 2014 but we need to wait until all of the funds are in. There are many ways to decide if we have had a successful sale. We would say that these include dollars raised, attendance number, donations to the Auctions as well as all of the booths, number of volunteers, willingness to be involved, diversity of those attending, creation of community, the overall sense that we are having a "reunion" of old and new friends. Therefore, we consider this years sale a GREAT success! We continue to have people tell us much fun they had and that they want to continue being involved or want to be more involved next year.

We would like to say "Thank You" to all of those who make this sale a success. See you again next year.

Richard & Linda Wyse
Sale Coordinators

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